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                      “Follow your heart” they                        said. “Do something                              you have a passion for”.


Well, here we are, this is my passion – curry, not just any curry, but British Indian curry. I have been eating this food since

I was 5, I have been making this delightful food since I was 15 and now feel it’s time to share the delights of British Indian Curry with the good people of Richmond.


Over the past 60 years it has become the #1 take-away food

in England and is now regarded as the “national dish”. Ask anyone you may know who comes from England what they most miss apart from the pubs, they may well tell you it’s the curry. What makes this style of curry any different from any other curry?  Its hard to say, but much has to do with the fresh ingredients, the exotic spices, the aromatic flavors and of course (if desired), the mouth tingling taste!

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